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No-Budget Science

No-Budget Science started as a regular meeting organized from 2016 to 2019 in Center for Health Sciences of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. The event was about biomedical science projects that could be done without major costs and without wet lab experiments - hence the “no-budget” in the title, as well as the slogan “a notebook in hand and an idea in the head”.

One of the motivations for the event was to facilitate the meeting of people who were interested in working in such projects. Among the organizers, there was a concern that the increase in the number of publications over the years made urgent the task of synthesizing research data into useful information. As the event developed, it became clear to us the need for a discussion of the conditions needed for such projects to materialize: transparency, reproducibility and reforms in the publication system.

Despite the interest of the local academic community in the issues discussed, we felt that the return of the event in terms of actual research projects was not as we expected. This led us to search for a new format. In 2019 and 2020, we then organized two Hack Weeks - extended hackathons, with some room for training in addition to the development of projects. With this change, we got closer to our initial goal: to foster collaborations in no-budget research projects and independence in young researchers.


In the 3 years of the original format, we met over beer to discuss issues and projects related to preprints, social networks, co-authorship, outreach, systematic reviews, teaching, innovation, football/soccer and the use of public data.

You can watch most events (most are in Portuguese) in our Facebook page.

Hack Weeks

Since 2019, we’ve been organizing hack weeks around themes in metascience - science to understand science and make it better.

The first edition was in Rio de Janeiro, in 2019, with activities located at the D’Or Institute and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. We received suppor from graduate programs in the University and from Serrapilheira Institute. For one week, eighteen participants from across the country, from undergrads to postdocs, developed their project ideas. You can watch the talks (in Portuguese) on YouTube.

The second edition was done remotely, in 2020, again in partnership with the Serrapilheira Institute. This time, 25 participants joined us for the event. Most talks and presentations, as well as our pre-Hack Week roundtables are available in our YouTube channel. The event was covered by Revista FAPESP (Portuguese), where you can see more details about the project. Data and presentations from the projects are also available at Open Science Framework.

For the remote edition, we also developed a remote work guide for Brazilian scientists (Portuguese).


Learn about our team of organizers (Portuguese).

Social Networks

No-Budget Science is on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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